Refining UK

Humber Refinery at nightThe Humber Refinery is located in North Lincolnshire and has a crude oil processing capacity of 221,000 barrels per day. Crude oil processed at the refinery is supplied primarily from the North Sea and includes lower-cost, acidic crudes. Humber is one of the most complex refineries in the Phillips 66 portfolio and one of the most sophisticated in Europe. It is a fully integrated refinery that produces light products and fuel oil.

Humber is the only coking refinery in the United Kingdom and is the world’s largest producer of specialty graphite cokes and the largest anode coke producer in Europe. Approximately 70 percent of the light oils produced in the refinery are marketed in the UK, while the other products are exported to the rest of Europe and the US.

The Humber Refinery has been one of Phillips 66's key assets in the UK since the late 1960s. It has gained an international reputation while producing products for the benefit of customers at home and abroad.

Humber Refinery is recognised as one of the best in the world, with a near-continuous programme of investment designed to maintain its place in the international league table. The east coast location allows cost-effective North Sea crude oil imports and product exports to European and world markets.

Construction began on the 480-acre site at South Killingholme on the Humber Estuary in 1966 and was completed three years later at a cost of £50 million. To put that into perspective, investment in the refinery since that time runs into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Humber Refinery employeeThe refinery processes some 221,000 barrels of oil a day into a range of products, from low sulphur petrol and diesel to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), heating oil and industrial feedstocks such as polypropylene. It also produces petroleum coke, which is a vital ingredient in smelting steel and aluminium.

Crude oil arrives by marine tanker to offload at the Tetney monobuoy in the Humber Estuary. From there, oil is pumped by subsea pipeline to tank storage at Tetney oil terminal, before being piped to the refinery for processing. Refined products are exported by ship from Immingham dock and transported to inland customers by road, rail and pipeline.

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