Wholesale Sales

The Wholesale Sales team at Phillips 66 supply petrol, diesel, gasoil and kerosene:

  • experienced and dedicated Account Managers working closely with customers to understand their business and who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week     
  • ex-rack at terminal locations for customers to collect using their own haulage.
    delivered into clients storage using our 24/7 trucking fleet.
  • to small coasters and barges (less than 6KMT) for collection or delivery from our jetty at the Humber Refinery.  
  • Authorised supplier into the Keyfuels and UK Fuels derv bunkering networks.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please contact any member of the Wholesale Sales team.
Geoff Henderson                                                           Harry Collins
Commercial Sales Manager                                          Commercial Account Manager
geoff.henderson@p66.com                                           harry.collins@p66.com                                        
Tel: 020 7822 4921                                                        Tel: 02078 224484

Bruce Mackie                                                                 David Sharman
Commercial Account Manager                                      Commercial Account Manager
bruce.mackie@p66.com                                                david.sharman@p66.com
Tel: 01313 346940                                                         Tel: 07881 907646

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Derv Bunkering

If you are a small commercial fleet, you can enjoy the benefits of Derv Bunkering by using one of our preferred dealers or resellers. This option works on a "pay as you go" basis where users are charged a pre-agreed price no matter where the fuel is drawn within the Network.
Because all fuel drawings are channeled through the preferred supplier, you will receive one invoice with a consolidated VAT figure for all transactions - dramatically reducing the burden of administration.

Key Fuels
Keyfuels is the leading expert in commercial vehicle fuel management, handling over 1 billion pounds of fuel purchases and over 35 thousand transactions everyday. In the last 20 years, Keyfuels has saved its customers well over £450 million.

Tel 01922 704433. Fax 01922 611020. diesel.desk@keyfuels.co.uk

UK Fuels - Fuelling Your Business

Since it was founded in 1990, UK Fuels has developed into one of Europe's leading fuel card management groups.  The company delivers services that cover every element of the fuel card business using leading technologies to provide a competitive edge.
Tel 01270 655600. Fax 01270 655700. info@ukfuels.co.uk