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Dunswell Service Station owner Graham Kennedy said: "We joined Jet, in September 2009, because of one overriding factor above all others is their ‘can-do’ attitude which is very refreshing and unusual in the industry today. Their people are always helpful and amenable and will go the extra mile to help out with dealers requests if they can. A case in point which sums up their attention to detail being their ability to recently source bespoke flags for our flagpoles. It's the little things that add up to offering a lot!

The good news is, three months on from signing our new deal, I’m glad to report Jet's attitude hasn’t changed at all.


Duns Service Station.  Since teaming up with Jet as its new fuel supplier in November 2008, business is booming at Duns Service Station near Berwick. Run by husband and wife team Graham Walker and Louise Aitken-Walker, the site has seen an increase in sales of around a third.

Louise, having reached the pinnacle of her career as Ladies World Rally Champion in 1990, decided with her husband to buy the local garage in her home town of Duns, and they have been fuelling the local community for a total of 20 years. The couple decided to make the change to Jet to ensure consistently low prices for their loyal local customers. Jet’s strong, community-driven ethos also really appealed to the couple, who place great emphasis on delivering good old-fashioned customer service.

 "We take our position in the local community very seriously, and as well as fuelling motorists, we also play an active role in supporting local sports teams through various sponsorship initiatives," explains Graham. "The move has meant that we have been able to offer better value for money to our customers. The positive reaction to the lower prices and bright, modern branding has exceeded all our expectations, and we have seen a substantial increase in sales in just three months. We are truly delighted that we made the switch."


Bellingers Service Station, located in Grove, Wantage, joined the Jet dealer network in April 2008. The site is situated on the A338, the main road into Wantage from the north. Wantage is a commuter town for Oxford, Swindon and Reading.  

Forecourt Manager, Peter Fowler, said that he has found Jet’s customer service to be “excellent”. He explained that his Regional Manager Wayne Oakes is “helpful, supportive and quick to come back with an answer”. Peter added; “everyone at Jet has been very helpful, so setting up was drama free.”

Peter stated that volumes at the Bellingers site has increased considerably, firstly “due to the increased range of ales which have been on offer since April attracting customers from all over the UK”; and secondly “because the flexible pricing stance that Jet offer has increased sales quite a lot.”  

Brian Connolly, a former Nimrod Captain and retired Senior Officer of the RAF, is delighted with the success of JD Cameron Service Station, Maybole after joining Jet. Since joining Jet on 1st October 2007, the site has seen sales figures soar. “Our sales have risen dramatically since we have joined Jet, by at least 20 percent!” comments site owner Brian Connolly. The increase is partly linked with the closure of a Shell site in nearby Girvan, but also the result of “being competitively priced” under Jet.

It is not only the sales figures that have improved since joining the Jet network; “the big difference has been the staff attitude – particularly the support from Regional Manager Paul Yates and the pricing team”  

When asked why he decided to join Jet, Brian replied: “the main appeal was the difference in the attitude of management and the staff - I was encouraged by the positive attitude of Jet and their enthusiasm towards us joining”  

 Springburn Service Station in Glasgow, now Jet's largest retail site, is an impressive recent addition to the Jet dealer network in Scotland.The site is located in the Springburn area of Glasgow, close to the city centre. The forecourt is situated on Springburn Road, which is a major route running from the M8 motorway through the Glasgow suburbs towards Kirkintilloch.

Springburn Service Station has a spacious forecourt comprised of 12 pumps and 48 nozzles, not including autogas. An LED pole sign was also installed on site, as a trial before the LED rollout begins during September. The site was completely rebuilt in 2003 therefore the forecourt is virtually brand new and it also boasts a large unbranded convenience store.

When asked why he chose the Jet brand for Springburn Service Station, site owner Nasim Khan explained; "I very much like Jet as a company, they have excellent customer service".

Nasim added that his "customers are happy that the site has joined Jet, as Jet offers value for money". Nasim has also found Regional Manager, Paul Yates, and the Pricing Team in Warwick to be supportive and helpful.