Technology & Innovation


Phillips 66 is known worldwide for its technological expertise in high-grade petroleum coke upgrading and sulphur removal. The company has more than 1,750 active patents in about 70 countries.

Phillips 66 conducts ongoing research designed to improve production of today’s conventional fuels, while leveraging the company’s expertise in new ways through its Technology segment. The company is not only substantially increasing its research and development efforts on technologies that complement its existing businesses, but also on alternative and renewable energy sources and environmental preservation.

Phillips 66 believes the key to a secure energy future is the efficient use of a variety of energy sources. While oil, natural gas and coal will remain vital components of energy supply in the short-term, other supplies are needed. These include renewable, such as wind and solar power, alternatives such as nuclear power and additional fossil fuels such as oil shale, natural gas hydrates and clean coal. The company is working to develop energy sources and new technologies – from conventional to heavy oil and natural gas, to alternative supplies of energy – in applications that leverage our expertise and build on existing businesses.

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