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About us


Producing transport fuels and other products at our Humber Refinery for customers in the U.K. and globally

Our Phillips 66 Limited Humber Refinery located on the east coast, in North Lincolnshire, UK processes crude oil supplied primarily from the North Sea and includes light, low- and medium sulphur and acidic crude oil. It is one of the most complex refineries in the Phillips 66 portfolio and one of the most sophisticated refineries in Europe. The Humber Refinery:

  • Maintains 12.8 billion litres per year in processing capacity
  • Produces a wide range of finished products, including fuel sold at JET branded retail service stations in the UK
  • Manufactures raw materials and feedstocks used in everything from electric vehicle (EV) batteries to toiletries
  • Acknowledged by the Department for Transportation as leader in low-carbon liquid fuels


Supply of wholesale fuels from terminals and for sale at JET branded forecourts

Phillips 66 Limited supplies a variety of customers, ranging from supermarkets and airlines to oil companies. With our strategic position in the UK network, operating from the Shetlands to Plymouth through a network of fuel terminals supplying quality fuel primarily produced at our Humber Refinery. We pride ourselves on providing a consistently high level of service, supporting our customers’ needs whether that be product quality, reliability of supply or competitive pricing. It is at the forefront of our mission to be the supplier of choice whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety. JET is a leading fuel brand in the UK with a growing network of over 295 independent and company-owned sites and has been operating for more than 65 years, serving local communities, and helping to keep them moving. JET supplies a number of products across a number of its forecourts, such as JET UTLRA Premium Fuels, JET CHARGE & JET Renewable Diesel.

  • Supplies approximately 15% of U.K. demand for fuels used for transport, heating and power 
  • Has strategic supply positions at numerous terminals around the U.K


Part of a global operation

Phillips 66 has significant trading operations across the world focused on sourcing quality, low-cost feedstocks to our refineries, while leveraging our asset optionality and global market presence to generate value. Phillips 66 is active in global physical and financial commodity markets ranging from Crude Oil, Refined Products, Petrochemicals to Renewable Fuels. Those activities are conducted from the UK by the Commercial employees of Phillips 66 Limited based in London. Phillips 66 Limited:

  • Focuses on optimising the value chain
  • Is active in global physical and financial commodity markets
  • Ensures fuel resilience across the U.K. in challenging market conditions

Invest in your future and the planet’s future at Phillips 66