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Emerging Energy

Our long-term commitment to building a thriving, lower-carbon business platform.

Creating Lower-Carbon Alternatives for a Resilient Future

Pursuing return-focused projects, technologies and collaborations that support the decarbonisation of our operations and provide customers with lower-carbon alternatives.

Carbon Capture

We are working on first of a kind deployment of carbon capture technology at scale on a refinery, this will support the decarbonisation of the UK’s largest industrial emitting cluster


Producing specialty graphite coke used in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and consumer electronics


Exploring lower carbon hydrogen as an alternative fuel source

Renewable Fuels

Supporting the decarbonisation of the UK transport sector through the production of lower-carbon fuels

It is an exciting and challenging time for the industry and Phillips 66 is well positioned. We process waste oil feedstocks into lower-carbon fuels at the Humber Refinery, which is also the only European refinery producing battery anode coke for lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles and consumer electronics. Our vision for the future is a future built on expanding these Emerging Energy technologies and a number of other projects to reduce carbon emissions which, if successful, will play a key-role in helping the UK Government achieve its ‘net zero’ ambitions by 2050.

Paul Fursey, Lead Executive U.K. and General Manager of Humber Refinery